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  • ZMz55iHFG6V, RpEXHVyDhjRP 23.12.15

    Please, listen (read) cfluaelry, this is important. I\'ve been playing RPG\'s, MMO\'s and stuff since I\'m 6. I have experience about Game-Designing too.I\'m a Warcraft, Diablo, Dofus, Wakfu, Slage, Starcraft, Minecraft, Zelda, etc... gamer.Spirit Hunter does seem like other RPG\'s, but it\'s still a name that is formal to one thing. But for me, Spirit Hunter\'s the best because when someone hear the name they will automatically think : \"That\'s a cool name, I\'m gonna check out what it is\" And so, it will attract more people. -Spirit Hunter is the best name.-Kyubu : When someone hear this, they won\'t know what it is.-Little Cube Adventure, Cube Boy, Kami Heroes are too childish names.-Lost in Monsterland is a good name but it still doesn\'t really represent the game I think, and it is also just a little childish (just a little). People will think it is a cartoon or something else but not really a video-game. Spirit Hunter is the best name (my opinion) because I agree with Aurealis, It makes people think about \"Spirit Tales\" BUT ! The \"Hunter\" tells it is not like Spirit Tales (which is a very cute game). Even young people will search if they hear or see \"Spirit Hunter\" somewhere, It makes think about :-A Video-Game-The name is cool, people want to know what it is.-Even if \"Spirit Hunter\" make think about something like -16/-18 game young people will still look for it.I vote for Spirit Hunter personally, but (I read the comments) Spirit Heroes is also cool. I think the title shound have \"Spirit\" In it. It attract people.My other note is that If no answer can be found, there is an option : Cube World

  • DgOcDn1X, 0e6VmT2bbd 21.12.15

    Spirit hunter is ok, But in my opinoin it doesn\'t reflect on the actual gameplay, According to game info and pictures you start out as a lone adventurer in an open world-Yes, there are dungeons, monsters, and loot. And lots of magical aspects. but \"Spirit hunter\" Sounds like it will reflect on a game with wizards and rangers that shoot magical arrows (Yes, That\'s my perspective.) I know in the game you DO hunt spirit cubes, but it is not a huge part of \"Cube world\" as it is called at the moment.I want a name that reflects on the world and the main point the game, the main quest. I surprising do agree with \"Blixt\", the name is somewhat generic and it doesn\'t reflect on the world, in my opinoin boundless and far did reflect a little on the open world, but that\'s all. It referred to the endless world... Now only if we could take all these names, put them into a blender, and come out with the name with an ultimate meaning.-Variations like \"Spirit Hunter\" \"Skyshroud\" and \"Eldritch\" referrs to the magical aspects and wonders of Cube World, The dungeons, loot, and wizards you must pillage through (Names are some examples I found in comments)-Variations like \"Far\" \"Boundless\" and \"Limitless\" referr to the open, unending world. In Cube world you will be able to explore forever, why not have a name referring to it?-Names like the original \"Cube World\" referr to the actual way this game is built, but we can toss this aside as you do not want a name like that.I\'m just giving people a picture of a perfect name that could be thought up, It\'s all up to wollay and the players to decid

  • kJ49ExpbuOd, ZbvddxzILw 21.12.15

    wollay - take me seriously on this one. I\'ve been pyaling RPGs for a long time and here\'s my breakdown on names.Spirit Hunter - the name strikes a generic field of RPGs that inundate the market today. It sounds too similar to ones such as - \"Spirit Tales (koramgame)\" Does not give a good description, will also narrow down target demographic (less adults, mostly

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